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    Empower Your Business with Realtime Event Tracking

    Gain insights and oversee your product's performance with NotifyLog's streamlined event tracking. Make smarter decisions backed by valuable data.


    First-class developer experience

    NotifyLog streamlines team routines with centralized event management, insights, and data-driven decision making.

    NextCron - Effortless Task Scheduling

    Centralize events in one place

    NotifyLog serves as a centralized hub for event tracking, allowing you to consolidate notifications from multiple sources. This centralization streamlines monitoring and decision-making, offering seamless integration with your existing workflows.

    NextCron - Reliable Job Execution

    Integrate with your tools

    NotifyLog seamlessly integrates with your tools via webhooks, allowing for effortless automation of workflows. Our API, enhanced with AI, helps you swiftly create notifications, saving time and streamlining your processes. Connect in any platform you want.

    Explore More Features

    Discover the full potential of NotifyLog

    Centralized Event Management

    Consolidate notifications from various sources into one intuitive dashboard for efficient tracking and management.

    Seamless Integration

    Connect NotifyLog with your existing tools using webhooks for a smooth, automated workflow and AI-enhanced operations.

    Data-Driven Insights

    Leverage the power of analytics to make informed decisions and improve your team’s event management strategies.

    Developer-Friendly API

    Enjoy a streamlined developer experience with our easy-to-use API, designed for quick notification creation and management.

    Multi-Platform Notifications

    Extend your reach by sending notifications through various platforms, including Discord, Slack, and more, with NotifyLog.

    Customizable Event Properties

    Tailor your event tracking with custom properties, ensuring a rich context for every notification sent through NotifyLog.


    Elevate Your Monitoring Game
    with Flexible Pricing.

    Streamline your communication and enhance productivity with NotifyLog's centralized event management system. Choose a plan that fits your needs.


    $0.00 / mo

    • Up to 1000 events per month
    • Integrations with Third-Party
    • 1 seats
    • Email support
    • Priority support


    $49.00 / mo

    • Up to 500000 events per month
    • Integrations with Third-Party
    • 10 seats
    • Email support
    • Priority support

    Indie Hacker

    $14.00 / mo

    • Up to 100000 events per month
    • Integrations with Third-Party
    • 3 seats
    • Email support
    • Priority support

    Our Delighted Clients

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    Cardano Feed relies on NotifyLog for real-time event tracking across our global cryptocurrency news network, enhancing our responsiveness and user engagement.

    Otavio LimaCEO at Cardano Feed

    NotifyLog streamlines SaaS monitoring at Digivets, offering a compact solution for tracking deployments, user interactions, and system alerts. Its a game changer.

    Felipe BarcelosCTO at Digivets

    As a dynamic agency, NotifyLog is our go-to tool for centralized event management, allowing us to deliver timely updates and insights to our clients with ease.

    William RulliCEO at Will Hack

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    Streamline Your Workflow with Real-Time Event Tracking

    Ditch the complexity of scattered systems and embrace NotifyLog's seamless event tracking to enhance your operational efficiency.